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About me

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My name is Rhi and I am the owner of Husk Illustration. I'm a freelance Artist/illustrator and cat mum based in London/Oxfordshire.

 I specialise in digital artwork and Black line work. Most of my designs start out as pencil sketches and black fine liner. These are then refined in procreate, photoshop and illustrator. As a child I was always doing something creative. I remember, I would constantly be drawing around my Nan and Grandad's house; they had paper and pens ready for my sister and I as soon as we walked through the door! I think that's why I love pen and paper so much.  


 I care about the impact I make on the planet, which is why my packaging is made out of materials that are either biodegradable or can be recycled or composted. All of my products are printed in the UK. My prints are printed on 100% recycled papers and the garments I choose are currently 100% cotton, durable and the ink is organic and vegan! All better for the planet.